Want to increase your click-through from Google Search? This is podcast episode 184 and features tips from 6 established and successful travel bloggers focused on how to write an article title for the reader, SEO, and traffic. Building website traffic is important for travel bloggers. Learn why a great article title will help increase your CTR and traffic!

This episode is part of the “Travel Blogging Quick Tips Podcast Series”. Starting a travel blog isn’t easy and this is podcast series is here to help you navigate the way easier and faster! Learn how to increase traffic to your website with this post and podcast!

It’s never too late to implement good travel blogging techniques and tactics.

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How to Write an Article Title (for the Reader, Seo, and Traffic)

Travel Blogging Quick Tips Podcast Series

There are some essential steps to building a blog into a business.  Learning how to increase traffic on a website is a must! Below we dive into the best methods to implement a to create a great title of article to increase click through from search engines. Writing for both search engines & people can be tough. In this post, you’ll learn how to effectively do SEO copywriting.

If you want to have a successful travel blog that increases web traffic every month, check out these tips from 6 established travel bloggers!

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Tips from 6 Travel Writers

1. Use Google Ads and Advertisements for Article Title Research

Sharon’s tip is to Google the keyword you want to use and pay close attention to what shows up at the top of the page – not just the organic search results but the advertisements too. People who pay for ads are likely split testing their titles and putting extra effort into making titles that will get people clicking. This means you can especially learn from them (as well as the top three organic search results) as to what grabs people’s attention.

Sharon’s Title Example: How to Create a Killer Blog Post Title (9 Easy Examples)

Tip From Sharon Gourlay of Digital Nomad Wannabe
Blog Niche: Blogging and SEO
Bio: Sharon Gourlay is an Australian teacher and stay-at-home mum turned digital entrepreneur. She started making the switch back in 2013 when she decided there had to be a better way to live. She viewed an online business as the way to transform her life – and it was! Today, she teaches others how to blog at DIgitalNomadWannabe.com and writes about Tasmanian travel at TasmaniaExplorer.com.au
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2.  Include Numbers or the Year

When you are coming up with a title, keep both your readers and search engines in mind. You want to incorporate the main keyword phrase you are targeting for the search engines, while also grabbing the reader’s attention. Numbers can show it is comprehensive, adding the year will show it is current and descriptive language can really reel the reader in.

Dan’s Title Example: The 15 Best Things to do In Nashville – 2021

Tip From Dan Bagby of Honeymoon Always
Blog Niche: Honeymoons
Bio: Dan started his digital career doing SEO for websites large and small.  Eventually, he started his travel blog, Honeymoon Always, and now lives in Lisbon Portugal where he and his wife Michelle are exploring Europe and sharing their process of moving abroad on YouTube which you can catch at https://www.youtube.com/c/HoneymoonAlways
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3. Make Your Title Original and Creative

You can find exceptions to any advice on this, but for me what meets the criteria of “great article” is whether it’s original and creative in the confines of that form. So an original listicle is going to be very different than an original long-form narrative. But if your article reads like 50 that are already out there, then why do we need yours? Being a copycat seldom pays off unless you’re a massive corporate site that can still rank an article high even if it sucks.

Tims Title Examples:

“I Flew on American Airlines During a Pandemic (and won’t be doing it again)” from Cheapest Destinations Blog

“Candelaria: When 1,000 Dressed-up Dolls Come to Mexican Mass” from Perceptive Travel

Tip From Tim Leffel of Perceptive Travel 
Blog Niche: Unusual and offbeat travel
Bio:  Tim Leffel is editor of the award-winning Perceptive Travel site and the Cheapest Destinations Blog, among others. Tim is also the author of the books, World’s Cheapest Destinations and Travel Writing 2.0 books, and the founder of the Travel Writing Overdrive course.
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Get more amazing tips from Tim! He was my guest on episode 77: How to Turn Your Travel Blog into a Business

4. Use Jarvis.ai

I use a tool called Jarvis.ai that helps create blog titles based on keywords and creative briefs. This helps create a slew of variations that I can either use directly or most likely combine ideas together to make something that is both search engine optimized but also compels the reader to click and explore my content.

James’ Title Example: Taking A Cruise From San Diego? Here’s What You Need to Know

Tip From  James Hills of Cruise West Coast
Blog Niche: Travel
Bio: Cruise West Coast is focused on cruise travel from west coast destinations like California, Alaska, Hawaii, and Mexico. We also cover global topics and trends of interest to west coast cruisers such as sustainability and technology.
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Get more tips from James! He was my guest on episode 15; How to Create a Travel Niche Website  

5. Use Google Search Suggests

After you pick 1-2 keywords, have Google help you with the rest. Pay attention to what Google search suggests – and pick those words. For example, if type “Thailand travel”, Google suggests “…restrictions” and “…advice” and “…packages” So I would probably make my title incorporate that third (and possibly fourth) word.

Francis’ Title Example: American ignorance

Tip From Francis Tapon of Francistapon.com
Blog Niche: African and Eastern European travel
Bio: Francis takes multi-year trips in a region and writes books about it.
Follow Francis on any of his channels at FTapon

Get more tips from Francis! He was my guest on episode 37; How to Find An Original Point of View as a Travel Writer

6. The Title Should be a Condensed Summary of Article

One thing to keep in mind when writing the page title is that it is a condensed summary of what they will expect to find within your article.

Make sure that the title makes sense and is written in plain English without keyword stuffing. It’s a good idea to include an exact-match for your target keyword at the beginning of the title phrase.

Again, keep in mind that this is not essential but you should do it if it makes sense and is natural to include. You will want to have a title that is not too long and concisely expresses insight into the content of the article.

Long titles will be cut off in the search results and may not convey fully what the article is about, thereby the searcher may skip over it. The title should be compelling and able to grab the readers attention as they are skimming through the search results to find what they are looking for.

You have a very short amount of time to say “hey this is exactly what you were looking for, keep reading for more details” so, knowing exactly what the searcher will be thinking and what question they need answered will help you deliver that to them in the title.

Taiss’s Title Example: The 12 Best Secret Nature Spots In Texas To Relax

Tip From Taiss Nowrouzi of Together to Wherever
Blog Niche: Family Travel
Bio:  We share tips and itineraries for traveling with your family to destinations around the world. Our blog includes extended stay and living abroad guides for families and couples looking to travel for more than just vacation.
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