How travel bloggers and writers can monetize a website by working with the TravelPayouts Affiliate Network with Tatiana Buyanova, the Head of Business Development & Partner Relations at Travelpayouts.

About TravelPayouts: Travelpayouts is a global integrated affiliate network focused exclusively on travel offers such as flights, hotels, car rentals, travel insurance and tours. Travelpayouts works with brands like,,, Aviasales, BlaBlaCar, Rail Europe and many others as well as travel and lifestyle bloggers and connects the brands with the bloggers.

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About Tatiana Buyanova: Tatiana helps 200K affiliates across the globe reach 8-figure revenue. Being a part of the travel industry, she is passionate about globetrotting; however, closing travel deals is even more fascinating to her. Before joining the Travelpayouts’ team, Tatiana worked with Appness and building their advertiser base. She is experienced in sales, marketing and business development, and has an in-depth knowledge of performance marketing from different perspectives.

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How Travel Bloggers Can Monetize a Website With TravelPayouts Affiliate Network with Tatiana Buyanova

Tatiana Buyanova

Show focus: How travel bloggers can succeed working as an affiliate partner with a travel network.

Main Topics in this podcast episode:

  • Ways to attract traffic 
  • best-converting tools for travel bloggers
  • ads and monetization strategies for travel bloggers
  • how much you can earn on affiliate links or widgets. 

Listen to today’s episode where Tatiana and I chat about how travel bloggers and travel writers can monetize websites by working with an affiliate network. We also chat about top tips for working as an affiliate partner, how to drive more traffic to a website, the best articles to write to earn affiliate income, and how to earn passive income as an affiliate partner.

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Details from Podcast Conversation with Tatiana:

Basics of Affiliate marketing

  • For a travel blogger who hasn’t begun working with affiliate marketing — can you share how affiliate links work?
  • Some affiliate networks have minimums to join. Does Travelpayouts have a minimum requirement for traffic, page views, or social followers to sign up?
  • Once you join the program, can you share the process to sign up and work with individual companies?
  • Knowing the ideal customer of the affiliate program you are working with seems like one of the most important aspects of choosing who to work with. What are your tips to sign up for the right affiliate programs? For example, a baby boomer blogger probably doesn’t want to use a tour affiliate that has a main clientele of millennials.
  • What is the best way to find out the ideal customer of a particular affiliate program?

 Creating Content that Converts

  • The most successful strategy for affiliates. What tends to convert best.
  • The most common affiliate tool placement mistakes.
  • Initial Implementation tips. The best way to test the water.
  • How to place affiliate tools efficiently.
  • Types of posts that perform best for affiliate conversion.
  • Top tips for driving traffic to a website and attracting traffic
  • Top tips to drive traffic to a specific post.

Money $$ & Monetization Strategies for Bloggers

  • Top tips for passive income and to monetize a travel website.
  • Rates or commission can an affiliate get paid.
  • How much some of the most successful bloggers make with Travel Payouts.
  • The average scenario for possible income.

 Big Picture for Affiliate Network Success

  • Can you share a few success stories? Bloggers who have done well with the program and a few examples of their strategy.
  • Would you offer different advice to a new blogger with a smaller following than to a more established blog with higher traffic?
  • Are there any don’ts with affiliate marketing you’d like to share? Anything you see travel bloggers doing that you know doesn’t convert or isn’t working?

Episode Resources:

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Examples of successful travel blogs using TravelPayouts: Travel Your Memories, Kayak Success Stories, MilesAddict 

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