Would you like to be one of the top Instagram travel bloggers or one of the top travel influencers on Instagram?

When it comes to planning a dream vacation, using social media apps like Instagram continues to be very popular. If you are reading this, there is a good chance you are a travel writer or a travel blogger. But, put yourself in the position of a traveler for a minute. Remember how ridiculously easy it is to scroll through Instagram as you sip your morning coffee, or actively search through the thousands of pages of inspiration right at your fingertips.

Learn from the best. Check out what these amazing Instagrammers are up to so you can find new ways to share all the amazing places you visit with your followers. Learn how to share your personal travel style. Whether you are a family, adventure-seekers, or foodie traveler- there’s a travel Instagram account below that is sure to inspire you.

If you want to become one of the top travel Instagram accounts for travelers or you want travel inspiration of your own, we’ve rounded up the 43 Instagram travel bloggers you should follow in 2022.

Travel Instagram Accounts You Should Follow in 2022

Your followers want to benefit from real-world experiences and tips for traveling to your dream destinations.  Help them find secret locations that are off the beaten path and make their Instagram experience a better travel planning tool than a “Top 10” list.

Below, we have found 43 of the top travel Instagram accounts, travel influencers, and best travel bloggers on Instagram, across every niche, that you need to go follow right now!

5 Totally Amazing Instagram Travel Bloggers

If you are a travel blogger yourself you might be curious to follow some of the top travel Instagram influencers to check out how they are posting photos, reels, and live on the platform.

Below are a few of our top Instagram travel influencers. This list isn’t just about travel bloggers on Instagram with huge numbers. Our goal was to find accounts with great photos and reels as well as accounts that have great engagement with their followers.

1. Murad Osmann | @muradosmann


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A post shared by MURAD OSMANN (@muradosmann)

If you are looking for travel influencers on Instagram, Murad is where to start! Forbes ranked Murad as one of the top travel influencers. Murad is known for his global travels alongside his model wife, Nataly Osmann, and is well known for the hashtag #followmeto, where Nataly guides Osmann through every location they have visited.

Their signature pose is Natalia holding Osmann’s hand while her back is turned towards the scenery. His photography has shown up beyond Instagram including Times Square and Art Basel. He also has an amazing photography book based on his Instagramm;  Murad and Natalia Osmann, Russian Bloggers Who Conquered the World! It is a collection of 100 inspiring travel and love tales from Instagram’s most romantic pair.

2. Carolyn Stritch | @theslowtraveler


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A post shared by Carolyn (@theslowtraveler)

If you don’t already know what slow travel is, you’re about to become obsessed. Slow travel implies that your trips should always emphasize connection to the people and places around you. These vacations usually operate at a much “slower” pace to allow time for authentic experiences. No more tourist traps here! Carolyn documents her seaside homestead and travels throughout the countryside in an artistic and fairy-tale like fashion. She even has her own slow travel book club, so you can read along with her as she makes her way across the country.

3. Mark + Mim | @thecommonwanderer

These Budapest-based Aussies are some of the best travel bloggers on instagram.  Mark and Mim will take you on a tour of all the marvellous places they have been. They showcase rural rice fields, luxury trains, ornate historic buildings and Nepali mountain tops. But more importantly, they photograph more of the travel “memories” that always leave you longing to go somewhere new, such as diving right into the ocean or picking lemons in Venice. If you do give them a look, be sure to download their free comprehensive travel guides. Once they’ve given you an unrelating sense of wanderlust, you’re surely going to need them.

4. Dave & Deb from The Planet D | @theplanetd

Dave and Deb are award-winning travel bloggers and founders of The Planet D. They are a married adventure travel couple inspiring adventure and two of the best travel bloggers on Instagram. Awards include Forbes top 10 in travel, gold medals for Best Travel Blog in both the Society of American Travel Writers and North American Travel Journalists Association, and countless photography awards including back-to-back gold in Best Photo Illustration in Travel at the Bill Muster Awards. Their Mantra is “Adventure is for Everyone” and believe that you don’t have to be an uber-athlete, adrenaline junkie, or a part of the ultra-rich to be an adventurer! All you need is the desire to achieve something more!

5. Alexa from 52 Perfect Days | @52perfectdays

Well, I couldn’t NOT include myself! My goal is to make all your travel dreams come true. It’s always a goal to try to be one of the best travel bloggers on Instagram, and I focus on sharing authenticity as well as a good content diversity, making every day new, exciting and attainable for the average traveler. My goal with my posts is to inspire the travel enthusiast across every niche, from delicious donuts in Wichita to fiery San Diego Sunsets. I also love sharing gluten-free cuisine and a good glass of wine, and tips for booking a better vacation. I’d be so honored for you to get your travel fix with @52PerfectDays.

5 Instagram Foodie Travel Accounts

Here are our top picks for Instagram accounts to follow that are focused on foodie travel.

6. Melissa Hie | @girleatworld

This Instagram account is home to collection of the cutest food you’ve ever seen, in front of the world most exotic backdrops. From coconut cocktails in Bali to wild strawberries in Ukraine, @girleatsworld will engage your senses and have you craving a good snack and travel at the same time. If you want to know exactly where to find the trendiest street foods around the world, Mel is your girl. She’s been documenting her eats across the world since 2015, when blogging and travelling became her full-time gig.

7. Marcus Nilsson | @pissinginthepunchbowl

Brooklyn photographer Marcus Nilsson is about to become your new favourite Instagram travel influencer in the foodie community. His quirky, photojournalist approach to food photography has made him famous around the world. Now, he travels country to country depicting his own meals, and cookbooks for top chefs. This collection of palm trees, beautifully plated exotic dishes and real people will surely give you a major sense of wanderlust and some serious hunger pangs.

8. Kelsey | @eatdrinkrunrepeat

If the phrase, “will travel for food” resonates with you on a spiritual level, you’ll be sure to fall in love with Kelsey’s travel Instagram. @eatdrinkrunrepeat is a masterful account of the trendiest and tastiest meals from around her home base of San Diego and across the globe. Even outside of the foodie niche, this Kelsey is definitely one of the best travel bloggers instagram. She’s also a dog au pair (who knew that was a thing?) so her furry clients pop up from time to time. Puppies, ice cream and Machu Picchu? Yes please!

9. Kathryn Burrington |  @travelwithkat


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A post shared by Kathryn Burrington (@travelwithkat)

Kathryn is one of our favorite Instagram travel bloggers with a love for food! She is a West Sussex-based travel influencer, photographer, travel blogger, and foodie who loves to explore the world, sample new cultures, and cuisines. Her blog Travel with Kat is fantastic and showcases her travels all over the world from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, and North America.

10. Jo Yee | @candidsbyjo


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A post shared by Jo Yee (@candidsbyjo)

If you love hotels with old world charm, pretty landscapes and fine art food photography, then you need to go follow @candidsbyjo. This London-based photographer lives the foodies dream lifestyle, travelling around the world and showcasing all her best eats on this beautifully curated account. Joanna has worked for a long list of big names in the travel agency including intrepid travel and Luxury Collection Hotels, as well as journalism giants like The Wall Street Journal. Don’t waste another second before checking out her food culture adventures- just be ready for your tummy to rumble because these meals are certain to give you food envy.

5 Instagram Luxury Travel Accounts

Below are our favorite Instagram travel bloggers who focus on luxury travel.

Here are our top picks of Instagram accounts to follow that are focused on foodie travel. These Instagram travel influencers will XX

11. Hannah & Nick | @saltinourhair

High end travel inspiration is a league all of its own, and @saltinyourhair is some of the best. There’s nothing like spending your days dreaming about the most expensive and exotic destinations and Hannah and Nick know why. These award-winning Instagram travel influencers will transport you to secluded beaches, city penthouses, luxury castles, extraordinary flower fields and even an oasis in the desert. You could build an entire bucket list based only off their blog and you totally should! If there’s a place worth going, they’ve certainly been there.

12. Lauren Bullen | @gypsea_lust


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A post shared by Hαуℓeу αndersen ❥ (@haylsa)

Models, fancy cars, first class flights, relationship goals and exotic destinations will have you swooning, @gypsea_lust is the luxury Instagram blog of the future. You’ll adore Lauren’s quirky personality almost as much as the stunning hotels she stays in. Lounging poolside in Udaipur or kissing giraffes at the breakfast table, her life certainly seems like it’s the stuff of dreams. If you’re looking for a more well-rounded luxury lifestyle experience, with a focus on travel, this is the one for you.

13. Small Luxury Hotels | @smallluxuryhotels

The only brand on this list, Small Luxury Hotels has certainly earned its place. Their Instagram page features stunning photographs of all 520 luxury boutique hotels in their network, across all 7 continents. Stretching every corner of the map, you’ll find yourself desperately saving to stay in as many of the extraordinary accommodations as possible.  From mountain retreats to historical stone riads, to overwater bungalows you’ll definitely find your dream destination on this page. Luxury travel is an industry of it’s own and no body does it better than the Small Luxury Hotels of the Worlds network.

14. Zach & Tara | @leaguetravels

If you’re looking for the inside scoop on lavish destinations around the world, you’ll adore this down-to-earth couple. As some of the best travel bloggers on Instagram, their feed is full of wanderlust-inducing content, that is just as approachable as it is inspirational, making the luxury travel life feel a little more “within reach” for their viewers. Plus, they’ve just welcomed a little one into their family, so you can give yourself baby fever at the same time.  Zach and Tara are living the dream, and they love taking you along with them from one exotic destination to the next.

15. Merel van Poorten | @andathousandwords

Merel blogs about her time bouncing between the most gorgeous luxury hotels around the world. From private plunge pools and outdoor bathtubs to striking architecture and unforgettable views, @andathousandwords will bring all your luxury lifestyle dreams to life. Her photography skills make for a perfectly curated feed full of all the destinations you’ve been missing. Whether you are searching for turquoise-water and lush-palm paradises for your next big budget vacation, or you simply love influencers living the life of the rich an famous, you need to check this one out.

5 Budget Travel Accounts

Below are the best Instagram travel influencers that focus on budget travel. Budget travel is the best way to travel longer, so take inspiration from these five Instagrammers who have figured out how to travel on a budget.

16. Vins & Yosh | @thepoortraveler


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A post shared by thepoortraveler (@thepoortraveler)

Vins & Yosh are expert budget travelers, but you’d never know it! The destinations shown on their page are exotic, luxe, and pack a big punch. If you want to learn to travel like the rich and famous with an average-joe budget, these two experts are a must-follow. They have budget travel guides for nearly anywhere you could possibly want to go, and they will give you loads of travel inspiration that is actually attainable.

17. Nat & Rob | @loveandroad


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A post shared by Nat & Rob (@loveandroad)

If you like your travel inspiration packed with personality, you’ll love this globetrotting couple. Posting pictures from across 55 countries, there is no shortage of cool destinations on these Instagram travel influencers’ page. Plus, they have packed their captions and stories full of travel tips and discount codes, so giving them a follow is essential if you’re in the middle of planning a trip- You’ll be sure to find at least a couple of ways to cut costs the next time you hop on a plane.

18. Stephanie Parker | @bigworldsmallpockets

Big world small pockets has dedicated her life to helping you travel better for less. On her page, you’ll find tons of destinations you had no idea you could travel to on a budget, as well as some practical tips on planning a better vacation. Her feed is full of the prettiest oceans, deserts, mountains and cities you’ve ever seen, so even non-budget travellers will find inspiration here. She was also voted Best British Travel Blog so you’ll be guaranteed quality content on the daily.

19. Debra Schroeder | @travelwell4less


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A post shared by Debra Schroeder (@travelwell4less)

A former 12-year executive in the travel industry, Debra has experience when it comes to scoring the cheapest deals. Her philosophy is to spend less, but to spend it on travel. But that doesn’t mean she gave up on comfort: her adventures are the proof that one can live well even on a budget. You just have to be smart about it. She’s been exploring the world since 1994 thanks to a combination of fare deals, airline miles, and credit card points: the mother of two is an expert travel hacker! Debra is mainly a solo traveler, although she loves traveling with her family: you’ll find plenty of tips to travel on the cheap even during school holidays on her blog!

20. Aileen Adalid | @i_am_aileen


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A post shared by Aileen Adalid (@i_am_aileen)

At 21, Aileen quit her corporate job in the Philippines to pursue her dreams of traveling the world. Even though she didn’t have a big budget, she was able to figure out smart ways to travel for less. Aileen is a digital nomad (online entrepreneur) and solo female traveler who has been to all 7 continents. He mission is to help anyone who wants to travel on a budget, no matter the odds, it is absolutely possible to create a life of non-stop travel and establish financial independence with remote work.

5 Adventure Travel Accounts

Best travel bloggers’ Instagram accounts that focus on adventure travel.

21. Kat Carney @katcarney


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A post shared by Kat (@katcarney)

Kat is an outdoor editorial photographer who’s been chasing adrenaline rushes all over the world. You’ll be hard pressed to find an international adventure this girl doesn’t love- she does everything! You’ll find inspiration for global hiking, skiing, running, mountain biking, rock climbing, snowboarding, surfing adventures and the occasional hot air balloon ride. Her feed is also super pretty, so be sure to give her a follow if you want to see rainbows, lighting storms and the milk way.

22. Kyle Frost | @kylefrost


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A post shared by Kyle Frost (@kylefrost)

Kyle Frost is the ultimate outdoor photographer with a need for the extreme. If there’s an adventure, he’s going to find it. From glacier climbing and skiing, to mountain biking and white water rafting, Kyle does it all.  This photographer ’s mission it to takes you along on his global thrill-seeking expeditions and self-described “shenanigans”. After a post or two, you’ll fall in love with his authentic blogging style and might even find yourself longing for an adrenaline rush of your own.

23. David + Lina | @divergenttravelers

This award-winning blog is the pride and joy of these adventure Instagram travel influencers. They will take you across all seven continents and through 100 countries- one of the most diverse destination round-ups of this entire list. David and Lina are travelers by trade, and now you can join them as they swim with manatees, hike the grand canyon, ATV-ing on sand dunes and horseback riding in the mountains.  They’re also pretty amazing photographers so you’ll probably leave feeling like you’ve gone on these adventures yourself.

24. Sebastian Canaves & Line Dubois + Finley | @offthepath

If you’ve never dreamt of traveling through the snowy mountains or deserts of Namibia in a 4×4, you will now. This stunning VanLife account chronicles the adventures of Sebastian Canaves, Line Dubois, and their sweet golden retriever Finley as they travel the globe.  As if that’s not steeped enough in adventure, you’ll also find a whole lot of hiking, canoeing, paddleboarding, mountain biking, and campfire-building on this page. Just a few weeks of @offthepath popping up on your feed will be enough to have you dropping everything and buying a van to cross the country in.

25. Alexandra Taylor | @alliemtaylor


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A post shared by Alexandra Taylor (@alliemtaylor)

While Alexandra is the architect behind it, mountaintops, glaciers and endless lakes are the face of this stunning adventure travel Instagram. This Zurich based adventure travel blogger is almost never home. Instead, she can be found at deep lakes against autumn foliage, subarctic glacier towns and classic european destinations. It will become obvious pretty quickly why Alexandra is considered to be one of the top Instagram travel influencers. She will surely fill your feed with warm hues and bucket list adventures- just one look and you’ll be hooked.

5 Instagram Family Travel Accounts

Below are the best Instagram accounts that focus on family travel.

26. Geneva | @cosmic.american


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A post shared by geneva 〰️ (@cosmic.american)

If you love a good mommy-daughter moment, you’ll absolutely adore the chronicles of Geneva and Prairie as they travel the US (and sometimes the world). This nomadic family can always be found somewhere in the desert staying everywhere from cool camping grounds to luxury boutique hotels. dad occasionally makes an appearance too, but 5-year-old Prairie steals the show with her vintage frocks, pint-size guitar and sense of adventure. After you give them a follow, you’ll quickly find yourself daydreaming about large expanses of sand and cactus and planning a trip to your own desert hideaway.

27. Kirianna & Lockie, Riley & Alba | @rileys_travels

Wanderlust content doesn’t get much better than VanLife travels, and now you watch this sweet Aussie family navigate the lifestyle with two little ones on board. Their affectionately named VW Kombi “Izzie” (which is just about the pretties tVanLife convert we’ve seen, by the way) takes them through the outback, across the coast and everywhere in between. If you’ve thought about trading in your corporate desk job for a van and an adventure, this account might just be the push you need to actually do it.

28. Garrett and Jessica Gee | @thebucketlistfamily

The Bucket ListFamily, based out of Hawaii, is one of the most well-known family Instagram travel influencers. They are well-known for providing kid-friendly ideas for family vacations. Their colorful photos and upbeat personas have amassed 2.6 million of followers on their Instagram account. Garrett and Jessica Gee decided to take a risk, sell everything they owned, and explore the world in 2015 to enjoy as many of the activities and adventures on their bucket list as possible. The illustrious and infamous Gee family, often known as “The Bucket List Family,” has established themselves as one of the most fascinating families in the world of travels.

29. Rory, Jayme & Kids | @these.wander.days

Full-time travel as a family of five sounds like nothing more than a pipe dream, but the truth is, it can totally be your reality and this Australian family is here to prove it. Rory, James and there three children take you along on their journey around the world, and dip your toe into the waters of “world-schooling” which is a unique homeschooling curriculum specifically designed for full-time travellers. If you give them a follow, prepare to fill your feed with the bluest oceans you’ve ever seen, gorgeous sunsets and lots of cheeky smiles- the trademark of the travel lifestyle.

30. Brie + Reuben + Oliver⁣ | @vancitywild

If you’ve always had a soft spot for the dense forests and wild shores of the West coast, you’ll love this family of glampers extraordinaire. Follow them to A-frame cabins, treehouses above the canopy and vintage camper vans around British Columbia and beyond. This couple and their toddler son are redefining the principles of a staycation and will certainly make you drool over the Canadian landscape. Simply use their page as an inspiration for your own family staycations, or plan a trip to the west coast of Canada- they’ve partnered with “share your love for BC” to offer travellers a chance to win $500 towards their own BC adventure.

5 Ethical Travel Instagram Travel Accounts

Our favorite travel influencers on Instagram who focus on transformational, sustainable, and ethical travel.

31. Ellie Cleary | @soultravelblog

Ellie and Ravi are a couple of UK travelers who are passionate about spreading their message- the need for more ethical and sustainable tourism. In fact, the were shortlisted for the Responsible Tourism Awards for their good work. A follow to the @soultravelblog will grace your feed with hundreds of beautiful destinations throughout Europe and further afield, as well as some practical tips on how to be a more mindful traveler yourself.

32. Vivien & Aaron | @thedharmatrails

Calling all mermaids! This stunning couple’s travel inspiration blog only posts about Eco-friendly and Low-waste travel, but you would never know it! These destinations look as luxurious as they come from 15 foot sailboats to private islands. Vivien and Aaron want to show you how rewarding it can be to live a more sustainable lifestyle, and how easy it can be to apply to your travels. Their biggest passion as a couple is ocean conservation, so be prepared for secluded beaches, crystal clear waters and seaside villas. Local wildlife and dogs even make the odd appearance.

33. Natasha | @lifeinminiaturepictures

Even though her feed looks like the ideal Pinterest travel mood board, every photo tells a story. As an International Development graduate, Natasha considers herself a global citizen. She incorporates everything she learned in school about the importance of socially responsible travel and gender equality to her travel itineraries and aims to be a positive impact on the communities who host her. Not to mention, she’s a whiz with a drone, so if you love a good birds-eye-view shoreline, you’re in luck.

34. Alessia @greeny_nomad

Elephants, giraffes and whale sharks, oh my! Alessia is a self proclaimed “amateur (eco) traveller” with a big heart. You can catch her surfing, boarding and backpacking across the globe, while also giving you some really good tips for travelling more sustainably. She’s also not afraid to stand up for causes she believe’s in! Especially during the recent Australian bush fires, Alessia did not shy away from showing saddening images on her feed and using her platform to raise awareness and funds for suffering local wildlife.

35. Linda & Caleb | @bambooandbackpacks

Linda and Caleb LOVE to hike across the world’s most unique trails, and they are experts on how to do so sustainably. They want to “inspire you to explore responsibly” and there is certainly no shortage of inspiration to go around, making them some of the top instagram bloggers in the biz. Their page is filled with crisp white mountains, rushing rivers and wide open roads that will have you restlessly throwing darts at a map. They have even designed Eco travel tips and guides to help you be more sustainable abroad, no matter where you’re heading off to next.

5 Instagram Photographer Travel Accounts

Below are some of our favorite Instagram travel photographer accounts.

36. Erika Hobart | @erikaexplores


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A post shared by Erika Hobart (@erikaexplores)

We’ve never seen a travel photography page quite like this one. With a perfectly curated colour scheme, a focus on detail shots, you’ll find yourself wondering about how effortlessly Erika has managed to transport you halfway across the world. Historical architecture, pretty doorways, , sweeping landscapes and market finds are just the beginning when it comes to this American-Japanese photographers’s portfolio. She’ll invoke emotion, have you purchasing prints for your living room wall and packing your bags all at the same time.

37. @carleyscamera

Meet Carley, a nomadic fine art photographer who spends her days photographers luxury boutique hotels in exotic places. this makes her not only one of the top photographers on the app, but also one of the top travel bloggers on Instagram. If you want to be in the know about the best hotel stays (and the odd secret beach) across every nation, you absolutely need to giver her a follow. Her feed looks like the ultimate travel mood board and her soft hues will give you a sense of relaxation as you peruse her work. Talk about dreamy!

38. Lucy Rose Laucht | @lucylaucht


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A post shared by Lucy Rose Laucht (@lucylaucht)

A follow for Lucy Laucht’s travel photography Instagram comes with a huge daily dose of nostalgia. If you love that post card feel that comes with film photography, it will only take seconds to fall for Lucy’s work. Amongst a feed of sailboats, pebble beaches and coastal sunsets, travel inspiration is abound. You might even end up with some major lifestyle envy! The best part is, if you love her work as much as we do, you can purchase her prints to keep feeling your wanderlust when you’re not on the app.

39. @germanroamers


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A post shared by German Roamers (@germanroamers)

This network of German travel photographers will give you major National Geographic vibes. Big wildlife, rugged landscapes and fairytale castles will have you packing in no time. Lots of their content in focused on Germany, which makes sense, but these photographers have been all over the world. A quick follow to @germanroamers will give you access to all their greatest international snapshots, but if you need some extra inspiration, you can click through and give each and every one of their photographers a follow!

40. @jasoncharleshill

This Aussie photographer is sharing his travel shots with some BIG attitude. If you’ve been lusting over a vacation to the North, you’ll go wild for these stunning captures he’s best known for. His moody aesthetic is super coordinated, making his page a sea of blues and whites from mountaintop to ocean deep worthy of this top Instagram blogger status. Of course, Jason has been everywhere, so he also has some drool-worthy images of Hawaii, the Namibian Desert and the rest of the world.

3 Niche Instagram Accounts to Follow for Fun

41. Suki Cat | @Sukiicat

Love cats? We got you!


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A post shared by Suki Cat (@sukiicat)

42. @miami_traveller_dog

Why not get your travel inspiration fix from Miami’s cutest chihuahua @miami_traveller_dog? This jet-setting pup will take you all the way around the world (seriously, he has probably been to more countries than you have) and serve you up a major slice of wanderlust. Since this is a pup-centric page, you’ll be able to find dozens of pet-friendly destinations around the globe, and maybe even a couple of doggy travel tips that will inspire you to bring your furry friend the next time you leave the country.

43. @TSA

The T.S.A.’s Instagram account is no joke. Or is it? The agency’s profile describes itself as the “Princess of Puns,” “Teller of Travel Tips, and “Admirer of Alliteration” and “Passion for Prohibited Items”. Posts range from a cat inside a traveler’s clear plastic backpack featuring the caption, “We let the cat out of the bag to the many crazy things confiscated by TSA agents.

Instagram Travel Blogger & Influencer FAQ

Do travel influencers get paid?

Travel influencers who blog about travel, destinations, or even start a travel blog about being a travel blogger (that’s me!) can make money in multiple ways. Bloggers and influencers can get paid to travel and share a brand or a destination with their social media accounts such as Instagram or on their website. A few other ways to make money as a blogger is with ads and affiliate links.

How do you become a travel influencer in 2022

  1. If you want to become a travel influencer on Instagram you need to focus on your Instagram account. Spend time daily on the platform.
  2. Consistently post photos, reels, and live. Beyond this it is really important to engage with your followers as well as other accounts on Instagram.
  3. Know your niche (what makes you and your travel unique) and consistently tell this story.
  4. You’ll want to research hashtags and use them in your posts (so more people find you on the platform.)
  5. You’ll want to find similar accounts on Instagram and study what they are doing. Decide what you like and make it original for your channel.

How much do travel influencers charge?

Instagram influencer pricing as of 2022 is in this range per post or reel.

Micro (10-100k followers) $100-500
Mid (100-500k followers) $500-$5k
Macro (500k-1m followers) $5-$10k
Mega (1m+ followers) $10k+

How much money can you charge for every 10k Instagram followers?

Most micro-influencers who have 5-10k followers make an average of ₹6,531 per post. Creators with 50,000 to 80,000 followers usually charge around ₹14,843 per post and as you move higher up the ladder creators with 250,000 to 500,000 followers charge around ₹49,725 per post.

How do Instagram travelers make money?

Companies like clothing, travel gear, photography equipment, tours or even hotels you stay at. You will get paid to recommend their products to your followers. You can promote trips where the winning party covers all the costs but doesn’t pay for content.

Do influencers travel for free?

Though influencers usually need massive followings to get paid to travel, there are plenty of companies that pay smaller influencers too. It takes work, the right marketing strategy, and the right pitch to the right company to pull it off, but you too can get paid to live that travel fantasy!

Who are your favorite Instagram travel bloggers & influencers? Who do you think are the best travel bloggers on Instagram? Let us know in the comments below

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