Launch Your Website Pathway!

Are You Ready to Launch a Blog or Website?

Is your goal to have your own travel blog? Or maybe you want to update your website theme. This is the perfect pathway to learn what you need to launch your website.

You can absolutely learn everything you need to launch a website. Follow these steps to get your website published or your theme updated!

Step 1

If you have't already, please start on the 30 Day Foundation Ebook;  "30 Days to Become a Travel Writer or Blogger: Travel the World and Write About it!" E-Book

Password = TRA-OPEN-30

Step 2

Podcast Resources to Launch a Website

Episode 26: Why Every Travel Writer Needs a Website with Todd Meisler

Blog Post

Episode 56: Your WordPress Questions Answered with Dustin Hartzler


Episode 58: Top 10 Checklist to Launch Your Travel Website with Todd Meisler



Step 3

Break Into Travel Writing Blog Post Resources

How To Start A WordPress Travel Blog On SiteGround

How to Create A Travel Writer Website in WordPress

Step 4

After your website is launched, the next step will be to work on the "Help me Get More Web Traffic" pathway!


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