Today’s guest is an expert in the field of marketing and public relations. She is CEO and President of Marketing Maven Public Relations, the second fastest growing PR firm in the United States and their travel and lifestyle clients include, The Royal Norwegian Consulate General, Visit Oslo, Visit Norway, Visit Bergen, EVA Air and Telluride. She will be in 10 countries in the next 60 days and participate in the Gumball 3000. If you want to know what a PR agency is really looking for from travel writers you must listen to this show!

Lindsey with Ty Pennington and crew at the Norweign Design Tour in Norway

Lindsey with Ty Pennington and crew at the Norweign Design Tour in Norway

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The Finer Details of Episode 21 with Lindsey Carnett! She shares what a PR firm is really looking for from travel writers and why Cinque Terre, Italy is her favorite place on earth.

  • Why it’s important to communicate with a publicist before a media visit.
  • Why it’s a publicists job to assure you receive the experience you need for your publication.
  • Why you should provide web traffic as well as demographics in your press kit.
  • How they work with social influencers.
  • Why followers only matter if you have engagement.
  • How Marking Maven measures social media success.
  • Why you should use Sprout Social to track your social media stats.
  • How to use Pinterest to get massive traffic.
  • Why Tumblr works.
  • Lindsey’s headline strategy and why it works.

Lindsey also shares her insights on the travel writer – publicist relationship and how a travel writer can get the most from the relationship. We also talk about the determining factors for getting chosen for a media visit. Some of the main points we discuss are:

  • How to work with international hotels and why a longer media visit can be beneficial to the hotel.
  • Why hotels promote attractions in their town and why you need to understand this as a travel writer.
  • The hierarchy of visitors bureaus.
  • Why working with a PR company for a media visit will help you plan and navigate your visit.
  • Why international tourism boards are so helpful with transportation between locations.
  • Why it is our job as journalists to ask the destination what they want highlighted.
  • Always look for the stories that haven’t gotten a lot of coverage.
  • The #1 thing Lindsey needs to show her client after a media trip.
  • The importance of comments on blog posts.
  • How to tease stories using social media to get maximum exposure from a media visit.
  • Who you need to send a hand written thank you note to after a media visit.
  • The importance of always being on time during a media visit.
  • Why you need to be open to brainstorming with PR reps.


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Marketing Maven Travel Clients:

The Royal Norwegian Consulate General  The Royal Norwegian Consulate General in New York was established in 1906. It is the oldest and largest Norwegian Consulate General in the United States.

Juvet Landscape Hotel Juvet Landscape Hotel – a meeting between raw Norwegian nature, cultural history and modern architecture. The first landscape hotel in Europe is situated in the farmyard of Burtigarden farm at Alstad in Valldal, on a steep, natural levee in between  birch, osp, pine and age-old boulders. In this little village in rural Norway, modern architecture encounters the natural and cultural landscape – and shows that the modern and innovative can go hand in hand with local building traditions and good, old-fashioned handicrafts.  The hotel consists of nine individual and unique rooms that are spread out in the landscape. In addition, it is possible to stay in the old houses on the farm – the mill house, the shed and the old farmhouse – while food serving takes place in the old barn.

Thon Hotels Thon Hotels, then known as Rainbow Hotels, was established in October 1989. Thon Hotels consists of 73 hotels in Norway, Sweden and Benelux. Olav Thon’s basic concept was to establish centrally located bed and breakfast hotels at reasonable prices. After comprehensive refurbishment and reprofiling, the chain changed its name in October 2005 to Thon Hotels. In Norway, you can choose between three different concepts within the same hotel chain; Budget, City or Conference.

Victoria Hotel Located right in the heart of town, the 100 year old Victoria Hotel in Stavanger preserves its elegant interior and lives up to its reputation for traditional hospitality.

VisitOSLO is the official marketing organization for Oslo and the surrounding regions. VisitOSLO as is a limited company with shareholders from the city’s travel trade and commerce. Our shareholders and partners are local, regional and national companies operating within travel, tourism and transportation.

Region Stavanger Region Stavanger is a non-profit organisation working to promote the Stavanger region. The organization was established in January 2004 and currently has more than 150 members. Region Stavanger cooperates with Innovation Norway and Fjord Norway and is a member of International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) as well as Norway Convention Bureau (NCB). Region Stavanger is also responsible for running the tourist information offices in Stavanger and Sandnes.

Visit Norway The  Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries has given Innovation Norway the responsibility for the development and maintenance of the official travel guide to Norway:

Visit Bergen Bergen Tourist Board has established as the Official Bergen Tourist/Travel Website in order to promote the travel industry and the members of Bergen Tourist Board. Our goal is that The Official Travel Guide to Bergen shall give you online access to all the information you need about the travel and tourism city of Bergen, whether you are a tourist, conference planner, tour operator, journalist or member of the Bergen Tourist Board.

Sundvolden Hotel One of Norway’s most traditional hotels, Sundvolden Hotel, lies at the entrance to the ancient Krokskogen forest. For almost a thousand years, kings, nobles, traveling salesmen and in more recent times, business men and women, have beaten a path to the hotel. We are proud to present a hotel that safeguards the best of the past and, at the same time, looks ahead and adapts to the hotel guests of the future.

EVA Air We have had lofty goals since EVA made its maiden flight on July 1, 1991. Now, our network spans the globe, stretching from Asia and China to Europe, North America and Oceania, and links more than 60 cities. We provide regular cross-strait China service in concert with our subsidiary, UNI Air, and have carefully developed alliances with major carriers that extend our passenger and cargo operations around worldwide. In June 2013, EVA became a Star Alliance member, giving our passengers access to a vast network of nearly 1,400 destinations in more than 190 countries and providing seamless global services. We also offer the added benefits of geographic advantages as Taiwan steadily gains status as the Asia-Pacific’s transportation hub.

Telluride Telluride Ski Resort invites you to explore our remarkable pocket of Colorado and discover the adventures lying within the historical and splendid area of Telluride.

People Mentioned on this episode:
Ty Pennington
Eileen Cotter Wright

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Hope you enjoyed this episode and please join me in thanking Lindsey for being here! And thank you as well. We’ll see you next time!

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Interviewing Lindsay Carretii, episode 21

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