Cailin O’Neil is a  full-time travel, video, and food blogger from  from Halifax, Nova Scotia. She is a social media influencer with an addiction to Snapchat. She is founder and editor in chief of and also runs a successful web series on Youtube at the handle TravelYourself where she is the host, producer, writer and editor. In the last 7 years she has traveled to more than 47+ countries.  This is Mastering Snapchat with Cailin O’Neil!

Cailin O'Neil Travel Yourself

Cailin hunting for truffles in France.

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The Finer Details of Episode 86: Mastering Snapchat with Cailin O’Neil

In today’s episode, Cailin O’Neil and I chat about Youtube, Snapchat and the mystery of sponsored posts and trips. Click here to listen to the full interview and learn how take the first steps into using video and how to become a SnapChat superstar.

 In this episode we also discuss:

      • How to get started with Youtube.
      • Not everyone needs to be on Youtube.
      • How to use Imovie on your phone to edit video.
      • Don’t invest in video equipment until you have played around for awhile.
      • Always play your video back before uploading to Youtube.
      • Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories.
      • Why Cailin thinks Snapchat is here to stay.

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    • What Cailin loves about Instagram Stories.
    • Why you must remember the audience differences between Instagram & Snapchat.
    • The cool features in Instagram Stories.
    • Using Snapchat memories tool.
    • Don’t only be a talking head!
    • Saving to memories vs. camera roll.
    • How to save analytics and views in Snapchat.
    • How to show brands your engagement and comments on Snapchat.
    • Understanding Peak Viewer Rate in Snapchat.
    • How to create a geo-filter and how it’s used for measuring and analytics.
    • What to Snap when you aren’t traveling.
    • Why Snaps should have a beginning, middle and end.
    • Why audio is so important and why you should listen to a snap or video before you post.
    • Cailin’s definition of an influencer.
    • Why you must be willing to chase people and brands to work with.
    • How to extend a media trip.

Full the episode >> Listen to Episode 86 Now!

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Deb & Dave from the Planet D
Nomadic Sameul & Audrey Bergner
Mike Corey from Kick the Grind
Joel Comm
Raymond Walsh
Vikki Flipflop

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Hope you enjoyed this episode focusing on Mastering Snapchat with Cailin O’Neil. Please join me in thanking her for sharing such awesome information and actionable tips! Interested in hearing the full podcast? Click here to listen now!

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