As the year comes to an end, I thought it would be fun to take a look at my top podcast episodes from 2019 and top podcast episodes from all time. I’m basing this off of downloads (listens) of the podcast episodes. The Break Into Travel Writing Podcast is hosted with Libsyn and they provide me analytics that includes how many times each podcast has been listened to. As of writing this article, I currently have 149 podcast episodes. This article shares my top 12 podcast episodes with the most listens.

12 Most Popular BITW Podcast Episodes of All Time

1. How to Connect and Work with Oahu Travel Marketing Reps with Miwa Ogletree

This is my most listened to podcast episode of all time! It has been listened to 16,935 times! Travel writers and bloggers must have Hawaii at the very top of their media trip wish list! In this episode, I chat with Miwa Ogletree. She is a Oahu travel PR and marketing expert. Learn the proper process to approach her and other Hawaii marketing representatives. You’ll also learn her tips to use marketing reps to your advantage and she shares the do’s and don’ts of working with a travel marketing rep and how to impress any travel marketing representative.

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2. How to Pitch an Editor & Grow Your Personal Brand with David Thompson

This episode has been listened to 15,414 times! This interview is with the founder of Dave’s Travel Corner. We chat about how to grow your website into a brand through content strategy, how to use a niche to jumpstart your travel writing career and the proper way to pitch an editor.

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3. Solo Travel & Creating a Travel Writing Career using Upwork with Rebekah Voss

My interview with Rebekah has been listened to 15,226 times!  During the interview, we chat about the importance of finding your niche so you can stand out and have a hook with your travel writing as well as why you should not be intimidated by people with more travel writing experience.

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4. How to Become a Yahoo Contributor with Budget Travel Expert Jackie Laulainen

This episode has been listened to 10,897 times! In this episode, Jackie shares why she believes you must attend conferences to get your travel career going. She also shares her insider secrets to become a Yahoo Travel contributor and how to properly prepare for each day of a press trip.

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5. Jumpstart Your Travel Career by Starting Local with Adam Sawyer

Only a few listens separate my 4th and 5th most listened to podacst. This episode with Adam Sawyer has been listened to 10,888 times! In this podcast episode, Adam shares why he believeis if you are nice that doors will open! We also chat about the importance of connecting with local PR to get your travel career going and the keys to becoming a brand ambassador.

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6. Creating a Mancation Travel Niche with Mantripping Founder James Hills

This episode with James Hills has been listened to 10,474 times! James shares his insights on how to break into travel writing, how to make money with a travel blog and what social platforms are driving the most traffic to his website. He also shares mindset advice if you are serious about becoming a travel writer.

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7. Master Class in Travel Writing with Perry Garfinkel

This episode has been listened to 7,847 times! In this episode New York Times travel writer Perry Garfinkel explains how to find your point of view and teaches the best way to take the reader “there” instead of just showing you were there. Excellent travel writing tips in this episode.

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8. Erika Helstrom of Travel Massive: How it Started & Why You Need to Join

This episode with Erika Helstrom has been listened to 6,852 times! Erika shares her insights about Travel Massive and about why it is an authentic way to connect with people that work in the travel industry in your city. She also shares why Travel Massive is all about community and if you want to connect and network in the travel industry, Travel Massive is the place to go.

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9. How to Pitch a PR Director with Robert Arends from the San Diego Tourism Authority

This episode has been listened to 6,605 times! Robert Arends is the Public Relations Manager at the San Diego Tourism Authority.  Robert works directly with travel writers and other media to help promote the city of San Diego. Find out his top tips to get invited on a San Diego Familiarization trips (also known as a FAM trip) and how to craft an email subject line to guarantee Robert will open your email immediately.

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10. Ask Alexa

This episode has been listened to 6,520 times!  This is a Q&A episode where I answered listener questions about; working with brands and tourism boards or PR agencies by starting the relationship on Twitter, if are shorter posts and lists on a regular basis or longer posts better, and how to edit your own writing.

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11. How to Pitch a RP Rep with Shae Geary

This episode with Shea Geary has been listened to 6,019 times! Shae Geary is the Senior Communications Strategist with Wright On Communications and she shares her insights on how to start a relationship with a PR rep and what she is looking for in coverage from a writer.

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12. How to Become a Great Travel Writer with Don George

This episode with the legendary Don George has been listened to 5,824 times! To be honest, this should absolutely be in my top 3! If you haven’t listened to this interview, you are missing out on some serious travel writing tips! Don is the author of the best-selling travel writing guide on the planet, “The Lonely Planet Guide to Travel Writing”. In our interview, Don shares how to develop your story lead and why you must know how to grab the reader in the first two sentences of an article.

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Do you have a favorite episode that isn’t on the list? Please let me know in the comments below!

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12 Most Popular Podcast Episodes of All Time

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