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How to Use Descriptive Navigation to Improve Rankings and User Engagement

Are you worried about rankings and growing organic traffic? How about improving your website bounce rate? This article will help you improve your website's SEO and user experience with better navigation. 5 Tips to Create Descriptive Navigation Navigation should be descriptive. Labels like [...]

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52 tips to make your first trip to the Travel Media Showcase more successful

Guest Contributor:  Gary House from Travel Media Showcase (TMS) is a travel writers/bloggers secret weapon. A prequalified only travel showcase that places you one on one to meet with representatives from the United States, Canada, and international destinations. 2018 [...]

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How To Get Your Travel Blog On The First Page Of Google for Free

  The purpose of this post is to share strategies to Get Your Travel Blog On The First Page Of Google for Free simply using keyword strategy and social media tactics. This strategy isn't specific for travel bloggers and works [...]

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Will Instagram Stories Dominate Snapchat?

Is 2017 is the Year Instagram Stories Dominates Snapchat? The debate about Instagram eliminating Snapchat has been discussed in the travel blogger world ever since Stories launched. A main difference between Instagram and Snapchat stories has been the lack of [...]

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