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How to Get Backlinks Without Writing a Guest Post

Guest Post from Michael Hulleman How to Get Backlinks Without Writing a Guest Post: Step by Step Guide In early 2017 I logged into an old affiliate dashboard and discovered that one of my abandoned websites, Hobo with a Laptop, [...]

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Brand Ambassador and Brand Partner Opportunity for Bloggers

Brand Ambassador and Brand Partner Opportunity Opportunity for any bloggers who promote a healthy lifestyle in the following niche’s; lifestyle, health, food, travel, parenting. I’ve partnered with a new company in the food/health/lifestyle niche. The company is called Viiva and [...]

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Google Ranking: How to Find the Keywords You Rank For

Travel bloggers, this article is all about Google Ranking and finding the keywords you currently rank for. But, before we jump into the tips and "how to", I have 5 questions for you. Do you know your Keywords? Do you know what [...]

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50 Magazines and Websites That Pay for Travel Writing

When you dream about your travel writing career, do you imagine yourself hiking Machu Picchu, on safari in Africa or sipping a Mai Tai in the Caribbean? Maybe wandering the streets of Paris, where you stop at a cafe for [...]

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The Best Free Instagram Analytics Apps for 2019

Using Instagram for marketing your travel blog is a necessity when planning your 2019 social media strategy. It's important that you leverage Instagram for your travel blogging career, but once you start, it can be difficult to understand if you [...]

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How to Use Descriptive Navigation to Improve Rankings and User Engagement

Are you worried about rankings and growing organic traffic? How about improving your website bounce rate? This article will help you improve your website's SEO and user experience with better navigation. 5 Tips to Create Descriptive Navigation Navigation should be descriptive. Labels like [...]

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52 tips to make your first trip to the Travel Media Showcase more successful

Guest Contributor:  Gary House from Travel Media Showcase (TMS) is a travel writers/bloggers secret weapon. A prequalified only travel showcase that places you one on one to meet with representatives from the United States, Canada, and international destinations. 2018 [...]

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How To Get Your Travel Blog On The First Page Of Google for Free

  The purpose of this post is to share strategies to Get Your Travel Blog On The First Page Of Google for Free simply using keyword strategy and social media tactics. This strategy isn't specific for travel bloggers and works [...]

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