Want to write for one of the leading travel blogging websites and podcasts on the Internet? Want to be a guest on the podcast?

Good News! I am looking for articles that share travel blogging tips and advice as well as guests for my podcast.

Please read the guidelines below before submitting your ideas.

  • Important Side Note: This opportunity is for bloggers and aspiring travel writers only. If you are looking for a link back to your business or reaching out on behalf of a client, that’s a sponsored post, and I do NOT publish sponsored posts that aren’t written by me.

Bloggers and Travelers

The number one best way to start marketing your blog is guest posting. To bloggers, I offer one link back (do-follow) to a personal travel blog or website. I also offer links back to your social media channels so my audience can follow you and learn more about you.

3 ways to guest post or be a guest

1. Guest Post Feature: Share a Travel Blogging Great Tip

I’m looking for articles (at least 800 words) from travel and lifestyle bloggers that provide a practical lesson or tips about blogging. Think ‘how to’ or ‘3 steps to XX’.

You’ll get 2 links to your website, 3 links to social profiles, promotion on my podcast, tagged on social media.

Post Example: 3 Unique Ways to Get Press Trips

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2. Be a Featured Guest on the Podcast

I’m interested in talking with bloggers, writers, PR & marketing reps, brand managers, tourism boards, and reps for tools that make a bloggers life easier (scheduling tools, apps, email marketing, etc).

You’ll get 2 links to your website, 3-5 links to social profiles, promotion on my podcast, tagged on social media. Listened to by thousands of my followers. Featured in my weekly email to a list of over 6,000. Featured in my Facebook group of over 8,000.

Podcast Example: 11 Keys To Long-term Success as a Freelance Travel Writer with Rachel Cavanaugh Blog Post | Podcast

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3. Share 1 Quick Tip (Podcast Series)

This is quick and easy! I’m looking for one actionable tip that is easy to implement and that can make a difference in someone’s travel blogging or writing career. Each month I have a new topic and I’m looking for 5-10 tips from travel writers and bloggers for the episode.

You’ll get your tip read on the podcast episode with a shoutout on the podcast sharing your blog name, niche, and description of your site. The tip will be included in the blog post for the episode with a link back to your website homepage or a specific post on your site and a link to one social media platform.

Quick Tips Podcast Example:How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing Blog Post | Podcast

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