Dan Bagby has worked in digital marketing for the past 8 years focusing mostly on SEO.  In today’s episode, Dan shares his top SEO for Travel Bloggers. He has worked on dozens of websites, ranging from brand new sites to established sites like Wholefoodsmarket.com.
He is currently the Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Key Ingredient and is breaking into travel writing with his couples travel site HoneymoonAlways.

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SEO for Travel Bloggers with Dan Bagby
Dan Bagby from HoneymoonAlways..com

In my interview with Dan, he explains his best SEO techniques and tips for Travel Bloggers. Dan explains when SEO is done right, it will bring you traffic month after month. He also shares how to find keywords that have high search volume but have low competitionClick here to listen to the full interview and hear Dan’s additional advice about how to determine if your SEO is performing well.  This is “SEO for Travel Bloggers with Dan Bagby”.

In this episode we also discuss:

    • How to write content for keywords that will rank.
    • Where Dan finds great airfare deals.
    •  Why search engine optimization (SEO) is important.
    • Why Dan believes most people when writing an article wait too long to think about keywords and SEO.
    • Why ranking for keywords that no one is searching for will get you no traffic.
    • Why we need to understand that when SEO is done right, it will bring you traffic month after month.
    • How to find keywords that have high search volume but have low competition.
    •  How to use Google AutoSuggest for keyword suggestions.
    •  Why you must build a foundation of content that is focused on a keyword strategy.
    • How to create a keyword library.
    •  How to use Google Keyword Planner in Adwords.
    • How to gauge how hard it will be to rank for a keyword based on domain authority of (DA) of sites already ranking for the words.
    • Why you can’t count on Yoast to determine good keywords.
    • Why collaborating is a great way to get in front of new readers.
    • Dan’s advice for exact match keyword.
    • How to build links.
    • External link building practices.
    • How to structure anchor text.
    • How to determine if your SEO is performing well.
    • Why you must realize SEO takes time.
    • The importance of collaborating with other travel writers and bloggers.
    • Dan’s method for collaborating with local businesses and bloggers.

Listener Questions Dan Answers (Tune in to Listen to All the Answers)

Bob Bales from The Traveling Fool asked about how to use long tail keywords effectively. 

Nausheen from Globegazers asked about stop words within keywords and using the same keyword focus on more than one article.

Sandy and Vvjay from IM Voyager asks about how to sustain good Google ranking.

Christopher Mitchell from Traveling Mitch asked about keyword research.

Naomi from Probe Around the Globe asked about linked building as well as SEO for narrative travel writing and if you should try to rank for more than on keyword.

Maria Jesus from _Meri asks about SEO vlogging, how to optimize for location and how to tell is your SEO is doing well.

Natalie from the Educational Tourist about bounce rate when links open in a new window.

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  • Loved the interview with Dan from Honeymoon Always on the Break Into Travel Writing #podcast w/ @writetotravel 

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