I’ve got one question for you. Are you are ready to take your travel website to the next level and start earning money or make more money? If your answer is yes, keep reading about an upcoming travel summit geared specifically for travel writers and bloggers– and it’s free!

Travelpayouts Affiliate Summit

The Travelpayouts Affiliate Summit (TPAS2020) is a 5-day online conference taking place from October 5th through October 9th.

This event brings together some of the major players in the global travel market. The summit will feature workshops on earning an income as a travel writer and travel blogger as well as sessions focused on marketing strategies, quality content, blogging, affiliate marketing techniques, boosting organic traffic, podcasting, and many more topics.

This is the first Travelpayouts Summit taking place and geared towards English-speaking bloggers and travel writers. The event is created for affiliate marketers, travel bloggers, and other marketing experts in the travel industry.  It will be filled with practical tips, insights, and real experiences from experts in the industry.

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A Few Speaker Highlights!

Laurie Tighe, co-founder of Budget Your Trip, will share the best blog monetization practices.

Pre-Conference Tip from Laurie: A study finds that the most linked-to content contains up to 700 words. The most shared types of articles depending on the niche. In travel, these are lists and videos, how-to posts, general articles, and “why” posts. The average share count in the travel niche is 2,928 per post.

Tristam Jarman from Purple Smudge will teach affiliates how to compete against big players in SEO without heavy investments. This session will share how to get extensive technical SEO audit tips on a budget.

Bryan and Laurie Tighe from Budget Your Trip will share advanced SEO and affiliate marketing strategies for WordPress blogs. You’ll learn how to grow organic traffic and monetize your site efficiently.

Somto Ugwueze, founder of SomtoSeeks.com, will teach how to create a successful travel blog with top tips for writing epic content.

Pre-Conference tip from Somto: According to a study, Italy is the most-searched-for destination for post-lockdown holidays with almost 1.94 million annual searches on Google. A high percentage of searches come from the UK and the USA. The top five post-lockdown holiday destinations also include the Maldives, Mexico, Thailand, and Spain.

Lea Palova and Erika Poliakova from Kiwi.com will share the best practices of using widgets to promote travel content on different platforms in the post-COVID world.

Jason Hunt from Digital Marketers will share the secrets of Facebook advertising. You’ll learn how to set up a successful campaign, set bids, create proper audiences, and more!

Darley Newman, an American TV host and producer, will share secrets of successful video content creation. She’ll share the latest trends as well as professional tricks to produce top video content and take your business to the next level.

Travelpayouts summit 2020

Oh and did I mention I’ll be speaking at the summit? I’ll be sharing how to Use Facebook ads to drive traffic to optimized articles: How to spend $1 a day to increase affiliate revenue.

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If you are ready to take your travel website to the next level and start earning money or make more money, this FREE summit is a must.

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