Instagram is the most important social media platform for 2016! It’s especially important for Travel & Tourism!

If you are a DMO, CVB, Travel PR Firm, Travel Agent, Restaurant, Hotel or Tour, NOW is the time to master Instagram.  It is the most popular and important platform on the internet right now for travel and tourism. Learn how to get ahead of the game and grow your business and brand using Instagram.

Option 1: Master Instagram from the Inside! 
Perfect if you have the time and interest to learn how to use Instagram or if you have an employee, assistant,  intern or virtual assistant who can handle the task!

I love teaching and running social media challenges! As well as wearing the hat of travel blogger and podcaster, I have spent 7 years as the social media manager at ZD Design Agency. One of my favorite challenges is The 15 DAY INSTAGRAM CHALLENGE!  This is a 15 day challenge that consists of one email per day that offers tips, tactics, and practical advice to build a strong presence on Instagram.

This challenge is great if you are brand new to Instagram or if for anyone who is trying to grow their reach and receive more likes and comments on photos! This challenge will help you to master using Instagram, bring traffic your website and build your brand. If you have less than 3,000 followers, this challenge is for you!

The more consistent you use Instagram the better you work to grow your account, the more Instagram rewards you. Some of the things you will learn in this Instagram 15 day challenge are:

  • Grow your followers by a huge number in 15 days.
  • Strategies for posting to mix it up, what to post and how and increase engagement.
  • Learn how to spend 15 minutes a day to effectively manage your account and grow it.
  • Learn about apps that are out there to simplify things.
  • Grow your followers by a huge number in 15 days.
  • Learn how to create a schedule for your Instagram posts.
  • How to Properly setup your Instagram account.

Normally the price for this 15 day challenge is $299
TODAY IT’S $149!

Option 2: Done For You! 
This is the perfect if you want to have a strong Instagram presence, but you don’t have the time to work on the platform. I will update your Instagram bio, post a photo 5 times per week to your feed and grow your followers! You provide the photos and I do the rest! Sit back and watch your account double in followers over and over again!Monthly Fee for Instagram Posting Starts at $250

Instagram Options

Email if you want to learn more, or just sign up and do it!