I’m adding a new series to the Break Into Travel Writing Podcast and I’d love to hear from you! The new series is based on tips for one particular subject such as “how to write a great 1st sentence for an article” or “how to pitch a new publication” or “how to make your first $100 with hotel affiliates”. If you have a great tip to share please click on any of the below topics to share your tip.

What I’m looking for:

One actionable tip that is easy to implement and that can make a difference in someone’s travel blogging or writing career.

Current “Tips” Topics

The below links will take you to a Google Doc to share your tip & website information. Please understand that I am NOT looking for generic ideas or theories.

Top tip for starting a travel website (specific about launching a new website) Scheduled Pub Date: May 2021 | CLOSED FOR SUBMISSIONS.

How to write a great first sentence/lede to a travel article. Scheduled Pub Date: June 2021 | Submit Your Tip

How to make your first $100 with hotel affiliates Scheduled Pub Date: July 2021 | Submit Your Tip

How to build traffic to a new blog post. Scheduled Pub Date: August 2021 | Submit Your Tip

How to build (or revive) traffic to an old post. Scheduled Pub Date: September 2021 | Submit Your Tip

Have an idea for a “Tips Topic”? Let me know here!

What you get:

  • The tip will be included in a podcast episode.
  • Shoutout on the podcast sharing your blog name, niche, and description of your site.
  • The tip will be included in the blog post for the episode.
  • A bio included on the blog page with your blog name, niche, and description of your site.
  • Link back to your website homepage or a specific post on your site.
  • Link to one social media platform.

What I Ask for when podcast & post are published:

  • That you agree to promote the podcast & blog post on the social media platforms of your choice.
  • If possible a link back to the podcast and/or blog post from your site.

Have More to Share?

Do you have a more involved topic you’d like to share?

I’d love to hear what you have learned in your blogging journey! Give back to the travel blogging community by sharing your tip in the “Travel Blogging Tips for Success” series.

I’m looking for short articles from travel and lifestyle bloggers that provide a practical lesson/tips about blogging for this website. Think ‘how to’ or ‘3 steps to XX’.

We all have something to share! Your blog may only be a few months old, but you certainly know more than someone who is still aspiring to start their travel blog! Share what you have learned and pay it forward!