Aspiring Travel Writer of the Week: Bruna Venturinelli from I Heart Brazil

Bruna’s website is I Heart Brazil and was launched in 2019.

Bio: Bruna was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, and traveled extensively throughout the country. She studied Economy in college and Brazilian Culture at home. She loves helping people to get the most out of their travel to Brazil. Still, honestly, she is a passionate writer who is eager to show this vast country through her eyes. That’s why she founded the Brazil blog, I Heart Brazil. Bruna is also an expert in Brazilian food and is more than happy to teach her readers all of her mom’s and grandma’s recipes.

Here is Bruna’s Q&A About her Life as a Travel Blogger aspiring travel writer of the week

Bruna Venturinelli of I Heart Brazil

Do you consider yourself a travel blogger, travel writer, or travel photographer or? Travel blogger.

Part-Time or Full-Time Blogger? Full-time blogger and part-time photographer.

How long have you been a blogger? I’ve been blogging for 5 years now. In this world, where things change dramatically so fast, sometimes I feel as if I was a dinosaur.

Where do you call home? Uh, can I name two places? I divide my time between the Netherlands and Brazil.

How many countries have you been to? 16 and counting.

How many continents have you been to? 2.

Top 5 destinations on your travel to-do list: Norway, China, Samoa, Egypt, and Australia.

Earliest travel memory: My mom and I went on a trip to the state where she was born in Brazil, Minas Gerais. I think I was 11 or 12 at the time. And for me, trying the local food is an excellent way of getting to know a region. Among all the things we tried, I remember I had the most delicious cheese and homemade dulce de leche I had ever had. It’s a good memory we have! It’s a shame we didn’t take photos back then.

Favorite Travel Writer: I don’t really have a favorite writer. The one writer that comes to my mind because I love a few of his quotes is Anthony Bourdain.

Favorite Travel Blogger: Kelly Duhigg from Girl With The Passport. Her writing is hilarious. Love it!

The trip that turned you from a vacationer to a traveler: My trip to Paris. It might seem cliché, but it was the very first time I was in the city, and I sat near the pyramid of the Louvre and watched people walk around. It felt like a movie. I did a lot of people watching in Paris, and it always seems magical. One can learn so much from just watching others.

The trip that turned you into a travel writer/blogger/photographer: Although my blog is entirely about Brazil, the spark to become a travel blogger happened in Ireland. I was on a road trip, and I just knew I had to write about my experience on the road to help others. It was the best decision I made in my life.

Your first steps to become a travel writer/blogger/photographer: Well, know what your goal is, set the tasks you need to execute to get there and don’t bother about vanity tasks you might come across.

Do you plan your own travel or look for media trips? I’m an independent traveler.

The social media platform driving the most traffic to my site is: Pinterest.

My top tip to use Pinterest for traffic: Know what kind of articles do well on Pinterest and don’t bother about the ones people are not looking for. Focus on content that brings readers.

My favorite tool/app for social media (and why): Although Tailwind is pretty expensive and slow, I like the fact it allows me to pin consistently. Still, I wish they had competitors in the market.

My favorite WordPress plugin: Create by Mediavine is simply awesome! I can create lists and recipes in minutes! Love it!

Favorite Travel Blogger Facebook Group: Mediavine Published Group is jam-packed with useful blogging tips, but it’s private. The Blogging Business is also a very good group accessible to everyone on the web.

If only I had the time, I would…: Write my email newsletters consistently.

Your top tip for aspiring travel writers and bloggers

If I knew from the beginning what I wanted to achieve, I would have started my blog with a business mindset. It makes a lot of difference if you know WHY you are doing each task of your day.

Best travel tip for travelers: Plan your trip, but not to the minute. Leave some time to wander around and get a real feeling of the place.


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Bruna Venturinelli

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