Aspiring Travel Writer of the Week: Pam Howard from Our Adventure is Everywhere

Pam Howard’s website is Our Adventure is Everywhere and was launched in June 2018.

Bio: Pam is a Part-time blogger sharing tips for busy working moms who love their kids, but often feel tired, stressed out and overwhelmed. They love to travel, want to create an adventurous life for their family but can’t seem to do it all. I encourage them to make memories and find everyday adventures with inspiration for things to do, places to go and how to fit it into their daily lives. Her goal is to get more into travel writing.

Here is Pam’s Q&A About her Life as a Travel Bloggeraspiring travel writer of the week

Pam Howard of Our Adventure is EverywherePam is a part time blogger.

If Part-Time, what is your day job? I work as a sourcing strategist for a Fortune 50 company.

How long have you been a blogger/writer/photographer? I’ve been blogging since 2011, but in 2018 switched my focus from health & wellness to travel.

Where do you call home? Indiana.

How many countries have you been to? 12.

How many continents have you been to? 3.

Top 5 destinations on your travel to do list: Italy, Hawaii and a cross country US road trip.

Earliest travel memory: Heading to Florida in the car with my parents and little brother.

Favorite Travel Writer: I love so many, but I always enjoy re-reading Bill Bryson’s books.

Favorite Travel Blogger: Another tough one! I actually did a blog post last year with my top 10 and I’m not sure I can narrow it down!

Favorite Travel Photographer: No one in particular comes to mind.

         Favorite Travel Blog/s or Website/s: 52 Perfect DaysA Dangerous Business | Practical Wanderlust 
The trip that turned me from a vacationer to a traveler: When I was sixteen, I went to Europe with a girlfriend for about six weeks. Her father was working, so we had the days to ourselves to run around and explore. During this trip, I began to feel like we were “living” in the various countries versus being a tourist. We stopped at cafes, we shopped, we explored the nooks and crannies of the places we were instead of spending our time seeing all the typical tourist stops. This was the trip that made me realize that there is so much more to see and experience than just what you can find in a guidebook. Once I was out of college and on my own, that feeling of being able to discover something unique and wonderful wherever I went became a happy habit.
Paragraph about the trip that turned you into a travel writer/blogger/photographer: As an avid explorer and traveler, I’ve always either got a trip planned or am in the midst of planning one. For years, friends and family have asked me how I find such interesting things to do, suggestions for their own travel, and wondered how I manage to always be going somewhere. I love sharing my suggestions for the places I visit, (especially when I hear back later from a friend about how much they enjoyed what I recommended). When I found myself making the same suggestions over and over, it just made sense to begin blogging.
Paragraph about your first steps to become a travel writer/blogger/photographer: I had been running a health coaching business and blog for about six years and as my free time had become more limited, I realized I could no longer service one-on-one clients as well as I’d like to. At the beginning of my travel blogging journey, I just dabbled a bit with including travel pieces on my existing health and wellness blog. Pretty soon I realized I absolutely loved it, purchased a new domain and haven’t looked back!
I am an independent traveler?  I am focused on organized media trips. (do you plan your own travel or look for media trips?) I typically plan my own travel as I prefer the flexibility, but I’m not opposed to a well-run media trip. For example, last year I spent a few days in St. Louis on a media trip and had a wonderful experience.

The social media platform driving the most traffic to my site is: Facebook.

My top tip to use (above social network) for traffic: Participate in groups, engage with others, share more than just blog posts with your audience.

My favorite tool/app for social media (and why): Tailwind – I just started using it and I’ve seen my Pinterest numbers (and traffic from Pinterest to my blog) grow!

My favorite WordPress plugin (and why): Yoast SEO – otherwise I’m sure I wouldn’t know how to help my SEO at all!

Favorite Travel Twitter Chat: #MidwestMondayChat

Favorite Travel Blogger Facebook Group: My own! I just started a group called Adventure is Everywhere where we can share ideas for fun activities and trips as well as encourage each other.
If only I had the time, I’d do/finish……: I would love to spend more time learning SEO. With a full-time job and two kids busy with school and sports, I tend to focus on writing quality blog posts and social media, but I know that improving SEO would be very beneficial.

Pam Howard of Our Adventure is Everywhere

My top tip for aspiring travel writers and bloggers!

Just get started! You’ll make mistakes but you’ll also learn and grow along the way. It’s always better to fail often than to never try.

Best travel tip for travelers: Enjoy the journey, often it’s as memorable as the actual destination.

Connect with Pam!

Website:  Our Adventure is Everywhere 

Social: TwitterFacebook | Pinterest | Instagram | Youtube

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