Welcome to the 10 Day Travel Writing Challenge: Hometown Article

Ever since Instagram came to be THE big thing in social media for the world of travel I have all come across a bunch of 30 day Instagram challenges. A lot focus on posting a photo a day and while that is fun, I thought we could start with a short challenge focusing on a travel writing. While Instagram is a super important social media platform, I’ll also be sharing the daily challenge on Twitter and Facebook as well!

We are almost half way through 2015 and what better way to get started on your travel writing career than to get proactive and join me in the first Write to Travel Social Media Challenge! The theme of this challenge is “Write an Article About Your Hometown”.  This is a way to present your hometown to the community and be a traveler in your own city!


From May 21 -30 take one new step daily to write an article focusing on your hometown! When you finish each step, post on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to let us know and use the hashtag #writetotravel to share with your fellow Travel Writers. Follow me on InstagramFacebook, Twitter or subscribe to my newsletter for all the updates!

Most of all: Have fun with it!!

Questions? Success? Inspiration? Share in the comments below.

Want to know my top 10 tips for breaking into travel writing?

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