Welcome to the 15 Day Instagram Challenge (this one has prizes!!)

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Instagram is THE biggest social media platform for travel bloggers, writers and photographer.  This is our second #writetotravel challenge and there is currently 47 registered to participate! This short challenge will focus on using Instagram properly as a travel blogger or writer. Instagram will be where all updates will be posted daily and I’ll also be sharing the daily challenge on Twitter and Facebook as well!

We are half way through 2015, so take this time to make your Instagram account showcase your travels and travel writing! It’s time to get proactive and join me in the second Write to Travel Social Media Challenge! The theme of this challenge is “Grow Your Instagram Account”.  Whether your blog is launched or not, it’s never too soon to start building your Instagram following!


From June 15-June take one new step daily to build up your Instagram account! When you finish each step let me know on Instagram! Simply use the hashtag #writetotravel when you post on your account! The hashtag will also be a great way to share with your fellow Travel Writers. Follow me on InstagramFacebook, Twitter or subscribe to my newsletter for all the updates!

Sign up here:  breakintotravelwriting.com/instagram-challenge-sign-up

Most of all: Have fun with it!!

Prizes!! Those will be announced tomorrow morning! (Day 1 of the challenge!)

Questions? Success? Inspiration? Share in the comments below.

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